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Hi. If you've got SAPI five, that'll work, although the speech takes some
getting used to. I'm sticking with it for right now, since, at least with
the beta, they seem to have the responsiveness problem worked out. 

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Hi again,

You know what? It really helps us all to talk about this among ourselves. We
are all concerned and it is scary, whether or not we like to admit it. So
no, it's not time to move on yet. Our lives have been disrupted, this list
has been disrupted, and we need to deal with it a bit more until there is a
definite resolution. Maybe some of you are sick of this subject, but it
doesn't do any good to shove it aside just yet. Just my opinion.

Makes me want to get another synthesizer temporarily, although I am very
fond of Eloquence.

Mary Emerson
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