[bct] Re: Moving on? Not quite yet.

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How do we fix the jaws dictionary?


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Hi Mary,
It also crashed my system even though I have Jaws 7.0.
Luckily I remembered Narrator which I started up with windows-key+U I
was then able to delete the offending email message. I have adjusted my
JFW dictionary so it will not happen again. Phil

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> Hi again,
> You know what? It really helps us all to talk about this among 
> ourselves.
> We are all concerned and it is scary, whether or not we like to admit
> So no, it's not time to move on yet. Our lives have been disrupted,
> list has been disrupted, and we need to deal with it a bit more until 
> there is a definite resolution. Maybe some of you are sick of this 
> subject, but it doesn't do any good to shove it aside just yet. Just
> opinion.
> Makes me want to get another synthesizer temporarily, although I am 
> very
> fond of Eloquence.
> Mary Emerson
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