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Hello there mathew i ekoe those thoughts a great podcast. Not seen a jewsharp in many a year. I was thinking of doing a recording of the mandolin or dobrow as although you here tham a lot not too many folks know that much about them. Or maybe you have those instruments yourself? There's an idea for u. Cheers jack.
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Hello Mathew,
I, too, very much enjoyed your podcast. Do you happen to own a dijeridoo?
I know I've horribly misspelled that, and for that I apologize.
Anyway, that was truly a fantastic podcast, and I look forward to more from
you. Thank you very much for showing us some of your instruments, I learned
so much in the space of half an hour.


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Hello, I'm glad you liked that. I thought it would be entertaining and informative at the same time, and I enjoy showing off my instruments, especially if they're uncommon. Thanks a lot. Matthew

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