[bct] Re: More accessible audible Manager V. coming soon

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 13:33:44 -0000

I've just had a look at Audible Manager to find out how visible it is to someone like me with a bit of sight. I have to say it's really pretty good from what I've seen so far. It obeys the house rules and uses the fonts I've set up in my Display settings, which you can't say for every program (shame on you, Adobe!).

There are inconsistencies - as soon as I go into Audible's Updater thing, we're back to mean-looking tiny fixed fonts and my usual trial-and-error method of selecting things and let's see what happens.

At least the program uses a lot of labelling for buttons and bows and whatever else, except - and this is weird - the memory on your external device, which appears as a pie chart with no text labels. Goodness knows what screen readers make of tha!

All credit to them for also setting out to improve the JAWS support. Work in progress, huh?

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If I hear anything more, I'll let everyone know.

Don Barrett

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Yes, that would be nice. Audible manager is one of the worst pieces of
software I've ever encountered.


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