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Well, I don't see much in 7 I need that 6.2 doesn't have. I should get it though because of the anticipation of Vista and Office 12.

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Regarding the FS upgrades, you will be less likely to purchase a jaws
upgrade if it has none of those useless jaws features and only bug fixes, so
from a self-preservation business point of view FS is correct in using
useless features to lure customers into continuing the purchase of SMAs.
Basically, the longer the list of useless jaws features, the more likely you
are to buy the upgrade whether you need it or not. The mindset is to get you
to think: "Wow, this upgrade will do lots for me--I've got to have it." I
can site the scientific data regarding the elaboration likelihood model used
to explain this tactic but it will only bore you to death. By the way, guess
where else you see this type of aggressive product peddling--infomercials. I
guess if I were in business I would do the same. Then again I'm not asking
my customers to pay for an upgrade with 70% fat on a yearly basis when
Microsoft sells their industry changing upgrades for about the same price
but lasts for many years. Did I just put down FS? Its all gray.


J Garcia
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Greetings Debee.

I'm inclined to agree with your observation with regard to Freedom
Scientific's lack of objectivity. Sound scheme managers, and what ever
else they decide to implement are nice, but they detract from the
original purpose of JAWS. JAWS, an acronym of Job Access With Speech,
should be focused on productivity, not bells and whistles. Productivity
means fixing bugs and errors, resolving incompatibilities and
redundancies, and minimizing the necessity to have to jump through loops
just to get a job done. They really need to get back to debugging their
program, instead of adding all the irrelevant junk that they've been
decorating their program with.


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>how in the name of sanity will deleting the JAWS scripts for Audible Manager >help?

They were scripts written for version 3.0. They don't know that the
version behaves differently. They do tricks to track the focus that
interfere with normal focus tracking.  I know that sounds like nonsense,
OmniPage has the same problem.

The current version of OmniPage is 15. But the JAWS scripts were written
version 10. They assume that the cursor looks a certain way, that
are a certain size and position, that icons have a certain appearance
that buttons are in specific locations. Unfortunately, the user
interface --
the "look and feel" of OmniPage has changed significantly, rendering the
JAWS scripts not only obsolete; they actually now interfere with the
program's accessibility. If you use OmniPage, version 12 and beyond, do
yourself a favor and just delete the JAWS scripts.

You know every year, Freedom Scientific is eager to extort a hefty SMA
from me, but they seem much less eager to keep their scripts up-to-date.
think the speech and sounds manager is cute, but geez, why don't they
some of these problems and support some spyware removers and virus
while they're at it.


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