[bct] Re: More accessible audible Manager V. coming soon

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Well Neal, you sure are doing better than I was.  When I downloaded version 
five of the Audible manager program, (this was back in January of this year) 
I mean to tell you I couldn't do much of anything with it at all.  Either 
you know more than I do about this; which I rather hope is true; or, we're 
not talking about quite the same version of the Audible manager version 
five.  In any case, I'm not trying to doubt what you're saying.  Rather, 
it's just that my own experience with Audible Manager version five left such 
a sour taste in my mouth that I fined myself reluctant to give it another 
try.  Still, I'm willing to listen to anything anybody has to say about this 
matter and re-consider if it seems I might be in error.

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Robert and others.  I also have no trouble using version 5 and I am
using JAWS.  I can go into and out of the information on a particular
book quite easily.  Of course, I do appreciate the fact that people have
said they have some problems with color contrast, etc.  That's not good,
and if they can make it work better with screen readers in the process,
that will be nice.


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Hi All,

I am curious why I am so in the minority on this one. The current
version of audible manager works fine for me. I am using Window-Eyes
and about all I do with audible manager is download from my audible
library and occasionally play a book with the desktop player. I do
have to use the mouse pointer to do a few things but for me it is
very doable. Perhaps you all are doing more complicated things with
audible manager or perhaps it works better with Window-Eyes than with

Don't get me wrong, I will welcome a more accessible version but am
just not really having serious problems with the current version. One
nice thing about the current version is the fact that it will start a
download from the audible library in the background without first
launching audible manager.

Robert Carter

At 03:22 AM 3/2/2006, you wrote:
>Of course, I meant the 98 version of Audible Manager...
>Eric SS
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>Let me second Lynette's suggestion that you download and use the
>Windows 95 version of the Audible Manager.  This is per an Audible tech

>support person, but actually for the reason I was having problems with
>burning CD's.  I just had to install to a new PC recently and snagged
>the 95 edition and it still works great.
>Eric SS

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