[bct] Re: More accessible audible Manager V. coming soon

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 23:38:26 -0600

Yeah they should support more stuff in the job market too. I know many of the specialized programs that people would use on a job don't work, but almost anything probably could be scripted by the right person. I wonder why they can't allow jaws to be able to utilize a second or third output on a sound card like my turtle beach montego? I have 2 other outputs that could be used if I could find how to send stuff to them. If they can't address the "must be on default card" issue by allowing me to isolate jaws at one output jack, they should put in an option to switch cards that actually works. For me, switching speech to the motherboard card gets real latent beyond tollerability if I modify the jfw.ini to do it. Setting separate speech volume independent of the wave or master can be a must in certain situations. Those are my 2 major issues with jaws. I'm not sure if some cards are advanced enough to force the software to a channel, but it seems that drivers could be made to tell what program has what stream open to switch its volume or physical jack it ends up at.
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>how in the name of  sanity will deleting the JAWS scripts for Audible
Manager >help?

They were scripts written for version 3.0. They don't know that the newer
version behaves differently. They do tricks to track the focus that
interfere with normal focus tracking. I know that sounds like nonsense, but
OmniPage has the same problem.

The current version of OmniPage is 15. But the JAWS scripts were written for
version 10. They assume that the cursor looks a certain way, that windows
are a certain size and position, that icons have a certain appearance and
that buttons are in specific locations. Unfortunately, the user interface --
the "look and feel" of OmniPage has changed significantly, rendering the
JAWS scripts not only obsolete; they actually now interfere with the
program's accessibility. If you use OmniPage, version 12 and beyond, do
yourself a favor and just delete the JAWS scripts.

You know every year, Freedom Scientific is eager to extort a hefty SMA fee
from me, but they seem much less eager to keep their scripts up-to-date. I
think the speech and sounds manager is cute, but geez, why don't they fix
some of these problems and support some spyware removers and virus checkers
while they're at it.


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