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Mary, I thought it was you.  And speaking of headphones, here is a
little hearing loss prevention lesson.  I was sitting on my front porch
last summer.  My house is about 50 feet from the street.  A guy on a
bicycle rode down the other side of the street.  He had on head phones,
and I could hear every note of the song he was listening to.  I wonder
why.  After that much loud sound in your ears, I guess you just have to
crank it up a bit.  Actually, listening to loud sounds through
headphones can be quite damaging because there is little if any way for
the sound to escape from the phones.  It just goes directly into your
ears.  This is not at all directed at your headphone listening, I just
happened to think of it when I read your message.

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Yup, it was my idea; you guys are quick, I just thought of it this
morning after coming back from my walk; maybe it was the invigorating 40
degrees, or yesterday's experiences singing with folk music that just
arrived on CD. Oh, the poor neighbors! Have you ever sung with
headphones on so you can't hear yourself? Yikes!

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