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Jeff.  I think it might have been Mary's original idea.  If I'm not
remembering correctly, will the real culprit please stand up and send me
a message while standing.  At any rate, her suggestion was that we put
together a talent show as a podcast and not tell anyone who was
performing in order to see if we could guess.  I offered to have people
send things to my ftp site because i have lots of space and am not
hampered by the maximum size of email messages.  So, if you have any
talent you want to share, upload it to my ftp site and send me a message
letting me know that you have sent it and the name of the performance
you did.  I'll with hold the names until people guess and performers can
feel free to let people know whenever they wish.  I just figured it
would be nice to have a backup copy of who was doing what which I could
post after it's all done.  
My ftp site is


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    I must have missed the earlier message, can you explain about the
"talent show"?
Jeff Armstrong

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By the way, if people want to take me up on my offer and put them in my
ftp site, see previous message, you should write to me off list at
so people won't know who all is a part of this show.

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