[bct] Re: More On Getting PGP Keys

  • From: Chris Skarstad <toonhead5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 21:54:05 -0600

hi. Yes, this is the *real* Toonhead, and I have known Monica since she was 12 years old! She's a lot more outgoing now and is a very sweet person to have as a friend.
See, for any of you who are confused about the Toonhead thing, that's my nickname, write me off list ad I will tell you the very same I promise. It really is me.
Isn't it sad that we have to convince each other that we are the real us? Confused yet?

Luckily I haven't fallen into the spoof traps, at least I don't think I have. If I did, well, it's been a long day folks.

The really crappy part is that all this BS is being generated by one individual. Thank God in his heaven that there are not 2 individuals like Daniel Benson on here! jesus!

At 09:04 PM 3/29/2006, you wrote:

Ok, first of all, this message really is from me. I can prove that both by telling you all that I've known Toonhead since I was 12 and by talking with any of you via Skype and my MSN address MonicasPen@xxxxxxxxxxx . I'm rhyami on Skype, and you'd better here a woman talking to you on there. lol. Daniel Benson can't spoof that unless he's had a sex change. (evil grin)

This has been a long day. I have doubted mail that has turned out to be real, responded to mail that was a spoof, and to top it all off, the link to get a copy of PGP is an image file. I can't decide if I want to pound on my desk, cry, or laugh umtil I fall over. Does anyone know how to get around the gif image to actually get PGP? I was on the site http://www.pgp.com .

I want the PGP key to sign my messages because he can't spoof that. My inability to protect my mail bothers me far more than anything our unwelcome guest can dish out. I'm told he sent around 500 messages today, but my spam filter caught all but 2 of them. I should be used to inaccessible sites by now. This one seems like the last straw though. I won't have sighted help till Saturday morning, and the part of me that wants independence is deeply offended. I imagine most of us have been there a time or two. I guess that means I need to take a walk or get some sleep.

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