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Hi Jake,
Do you think a system restore might help you?
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  Dana, these are both very good thoughts. Today I am just sitting at my 
computer, trying to figure out what the heck's going on with JAWS. I downloaded 
something called Winfixer, so maybe that'll shed some light. Today is my 
laundry day here in the apartment complex, and I just put my clothes in the 
dryer. The dryer wasn't working properly but somebody fixed it last week. I 
also have to Braille some stuff for a sister of mine who is blind. My mom just 
sent it to me via email and I am going to work on it later today. I'm going 
home for Thanksgiving break a couple days early because I want to see some old 
friends tomorrow. Better get this thing sent before JAWS shuts off on me again.
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    Good Morning Friends:
    Here are two thoughts for Monday.
    A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse, only if your brains don't 
    Humility, isn't thinking less of yourself, but rather, thinking of yourself 
    Have a great day!

    Dana Paul Niswonger
    Honestly imperfect.
    Living Life to It's Fullness

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