[bct] Re: Minidisk and USB device questions.

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 18:32:55 -0800

Messagei believe i have discovered the solution, or at least where to get the 
solution.  You mentioned the mic boost possibly being in the volume control 
properties, so I went to the system tray to check this out and found a USB 3D 
configuration dialog.  I wouldn't have guessed it would have gone there, but to 
the control panel as you mentioned.  I had already checked this out.  But as it 
happens, your suggestion still helped as I did find it in the system tray.  
You're right though, the controls are graphical.  Hopefully my husband can help 
me navigate these.  He doesn't even know how to turn a computer on though, so 
we'll see about that.  thanks again for your input.


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  Jenny, Let's make sure I understand.  You have the line in working and you 
are getting sound, but it is not in stereo.  If this is the case, here are two 
things to try.

  1.  Are you sure that the cable from your keyboard is a stereo cable?

  2.  Sometimes, sound cards put a separate item in the control panel.  My 
digital card, for example, has a completely separate entry which is its own 
setup parameters where I can select all kinds of things.  Look around in your 
control panel and see if you see anything that was not there before and that 
might sound like it could be the device.  Unfortunately, even if this is the 
case, many of the items such as volumes, etc., may be graphical slide controls.
  One other thing.  Sometimes things like the mike boost setting are in the 
properties setting of the Volume Control option.  Press alt plus p to get to 
properties and arrow up and down to see if it is there.

  If I have not understood the point, let me know.

  If none of this works, I suspect you should call Sound specialists on Monday. 
 Good luck to you.


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    Neil, I asked about your recording because i wondered if you had, indeed, 
done it just as you said, recording it in real time directly to the computer, 
or if you had found another way around the transfer issue that I had not 
thought of.  So thank you for clarifying that for me.  As for this device, i 
have had my husband look at the device itself, the CD that came with it, and 
the packagin, but can find no specific model number.  However, when I installed 
the drivers it called it "C media USB sound device".  i am able to find it in 
my audio devices, and can play around with the settings, however, it still does 
not seem to recognize that there is now a line in, not only a microphone in.  
The small amount of documentation i was able to find online tells me that it is 
supposed to accept two channel input, and will output 5.1 surround stereo.  It 
also told about the mic boost option.  The only reason i really mentioned this 
is that I figure if i can find where this setting might be, i might be able to 
find a setting to change the input from 1 to 2 channels.  purely a guess 
because I can't come up with anything else.  What I actually, for the most 
part, want to use it for is to record from my keyboard and vocal processor 
directly to the computer, and yes, if necessary, record directly from the 

    When I plug the device in, all of the sounds from my computer come through 
the line out of the device, including Jaws.  I have tested playing stereo files 
to make sure the card itself is outputting instereo, and it is.  When I plub my 
keyboard or vocal processor in to the line in jack, i can hear the sound coming 
through my speakers as you usually can when using the line in jack, but it is 
not in stereo.  This unit is something I bought from the sound professionals, 
so I think I just may have to give them a call Monday morning.  They've always 
been good to work with.  If you've got any other ideas for me to try, however, 
I will surely take them.

    either way, I thank you for your input, and want to tell you how much i 
have enjoyed your podcasts and music.  I especially like the story about the 
well as I was a very inquisitive child myself, in much the same way, and could 
easily relate to it.  What a neat thing that your father gave you the 
experience of being inside the well.  We have a well on our farm, and once, 
when it was open, as old as I am, I still called down it, trying to fathom the 
hundreds of feet to where the water flowed.  So reading your story somewhat 
satisfied my own curiosity a bit about what it must be like in there.  

    Again, thanks for all your input.  

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