[bct] Re: Minidisk and USB device questions.

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Jenny and Neal,
That reference to mic boost probably is referring to using the advanced
button associated with the mic volume control in the Windows volume control
that Neal mentioned being in Accessories, Entertainment.  

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Jenny, a few things.

1.  I did use my minidisk recorder to record microphones on my podcast, but
I have an older minidisk recorder that does not allow the transfer of files
from the recorder to the computer.  So, I plugged the mikes directly into
the minidisk recorder, recorded the segment and then played back the
soundtrack in real time into the computer.  I happen to have a second
professional minidisk recorder which has a digital output, and a sound card
in my computer which has a digital input.  so although the copy was done in
real time, the quality of the sound was not lessened because it was going
from a digital source to a digital target.  Now, this is off the point with
respect to your situation, but I simply wanted to clarify how I did the
podcast since you had asked.

2.  If your USB box is supposed to operate as both a line in and a
microphone in device, my guess is that the line in would definitely be in
stereo as it went into the computer and the computer would accept it as
such.  Now, what I don't know is, how they configure the microphone section
of your USB device.  My guess is that this is stereo as well, but I am not
sure.  If so, you should be able to bypass the computer's mike pre-amp and
use the USB one to get a stereo sound into your computer.  But, here is my

Are you simply wanting to transfer sounds from your minidisk to your
computer, or are you wanting to use a microphone plugged into your USB
device and then into your computer avoiding the minidisk recorder
There are two things we can do here to help solve the problem.

1.  You could find the model number of the device you have and I can do some
research.  This might help us decide how to get to the controls.
Theoretically, if you set your device to be the default device in the
control panel, you should be able to operate the parameters such as volume,
balance, etc. from the volume control section of the computer which you will
likely find in the program menu under accessories and then look in
entertainment.  You should have a bunch of things you can tab through like,
master volume and balance, line in volume and balance, microphone volume and
balance, etc.  There is also a section here that has to do with recording.
You get the same arrangement of line, mike, etc, but you have to select the
one you want to be used in a recording.

2.  You can call me on my toll free number and we can see if we can figure
this out.  The number is
 I'd be glad to help if I knew more.

I'm also curious how you use your screen reader if this device is serving as
your sound card.  Anyway, let's see how far we can get with a model number
and a phone call if you would like.
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Neil, I'm a bit confused.  I saw, on another website, that the USB
interfaces, such as the one I purchased, were to actually allow you to have
a line in jack, if your computer did not have one, which mine does not.  The
jack on the USB interface is supposed to be able to be used for either line
in or microphone in recording depending on how you have it set.  This device
is essentially supposed to be a USB sound card, meaning, that when I have it
hooked up, the sound from my computer is transmitted in and out through this
device, not the internal sound card.  What I can't figure out is, where to
set things on this device.  it shows up in the sounds and audio devices
section of the control panel, but there are no settings such as the mic
boost listed here.  Having said all of this, however, you are a professional
and would know these things.  Does the internal mono verses stereo preamp
for the computer still come in to play when using a USB sound card such as
Possibly i did not make myself clear when I asked the question the first
time.  Or possibly this device just will not do what I hoped it would.
Out of curiosity, you did your first segment on microphones, at least part
of it, i believe, using a minidisk recorder.  How did you transfer it?
Please forgive me if i am mistaken about that.  

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