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Jenny, I can't help much with your first question except to say that I
have heard others say that the software to get mini disk files to one's
computer is very graphical.  It is also evidently very slow as well.
I'll try to do some more research.
As for your second question about mono and stereo, if you have only a
mono jack on your computer, I'm afraid that's all you're going to get.
It's up to the internal mike pre-amp of the computer to determine
whether the signal is processed in mono or stereo.  One can get stereo
microphone pre-amps that plug into the line in jack on the computer,
assuming you have one, and this will give you a stereo signal.  I
believe Sound Professionals sells a reasonably inexpensive one.
Actually, you might be able to use your mini disk recorder as a mike
pre-amp.  Simply place the recorder in record pause, connect it to the
line in jack of the computer and plug the mike into the recorder.

I hope this helps.

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Hello all,  i am new to the list, so please forgive me if anything i ask
has been covered.  
I recently purchased a sony mz-rh910 minidisk recorder.  The recorder
works fabulously with the set of binaural microphones i also purchased.
However, the software that allows one to transfer from the recorder to
the computer and from the computer to the recorder, appears to be
completely graphical.  It came with Sonic Stage, and MD simple burner.
Does anyone know of other software that will allow me to do these
things, or a way to make the included software accessible?  
I also purchased a C media USB sound device, a nice little gadget that
looks like a jump drive with two jacks on the end of it which is
supposed to provide one with a stereo microphone input and a line output
supporting 5.1 stereo affects.  I have a laptop with only a monoral
input, so was hoping this would provide me a stereo input source.
However, I am still only getting a mono signal from my stereo device to
the computer.  The small amount of documentation I found tells me that
there is also supposed to be a way to set the microphone boost so that I
could record directly from a microphone without a preamp, but I cannot
find anything that allows me to change settings on this device.  The
documentation does not give specific instructions on how to do any of
this.  Does anyone know anything about these devices?
Thanks for any help any of you can provide me,
Jenny Axler

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