[bct] Re: Minidisc progress.

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Jenny, as soon as I sent my message I remembered that you had cardioid
mikes you could use if you wanted a quieter sound.  It's nice to have
more than one kind of mike if it is affordable.

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probably i would use the cardioids for the kind of recording you speak
of, but thanks for the suggestions anyhow.  The problem is that i do
want a binaural recording, or rather, in the case of what i had already
recorded, a recording in which I want the ambiaet effects of the room
and the sounds in it.  And yes, these are the kind of recordings i plan
to do with the binaural mics.  It's not horrible, and when there is a
good amount of noise, it isn't that noticable.  I may just have to deal
with it.  There's no real reason it has to be so perfect other than i am
a perfectionist.

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