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Jeff, good question.  Jenny, what kind of noise are you wanting to
remove.  Dedicated noise reducers often can be made to listen to a
portion of background noise and then try to remove it.  So, this works
quite well for things like noisy microphone pre-amps, certain kinds of
constant noise from motors, etc.  However, it may not take out things
like the sounds made by cat's dogs, or fish, because that noise is not
always going to be the same.  Well, perhaps fish say the same things
over and over, but only Dan would know that and only if he has had
enough scotch.  So, tell us what you are trying to remove and let's see
if we can come up with a plan.  One thing that Dan and others on this
list have discovered is that the closer you can get to the mike, the
less background noise you will have to deal with.  Actually, you will
likely have less microphone noise as well because you are maximizing the
sound of your voice relative to the mike noise.
Neal.  What, only one Neal this time?
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    This all reminds me of a cassette recorder I once had.  It featured
Dolby tm, noise reduction, and like Neal said, the more you turned the
noise reduction on, the less fidelity there was in the recording.  I
know I missed it somewhere , but, what is causing the noise to begin
with?  Is there any improvement on that side that would prevent some of
the noise?  I mean, like wind screen or turning off background noise
makers like fans, computers, radios and so on?  If you are just trying
to convert audio from one format to another, the less steps the better
and certainly check the program you are using for settings or options.
I use CDEX to convert some file types and it does a great job and is
free.  Hope any of this helps.
Jeff Armstrong

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Hello all!  i am very happy to report, that after downloading the demo
for Window eyes, i have discovered that WE will in fact read some of the
information used in the sonic stage software.  Also, it does appear that
there are some keyboard shortcuts, that i could use even without having
the screen read.  I think I will be able to transfer entire groups of
things, with a bit of memorization, but don't know about individual
tracks.  really not sure the extent of what i will be able to do at this
time, but thought I would at least try to use sonic stage to play files
on the minidisc, and another internal recorder to record them to wave
form.  I have done this successfully, so know that this will at least be
an option as I do not have a line in and still have not gotten that USB
sound card figured out for sure.  
Now, I'd like to improve on the recordings.  I am using Wave Pad which
does give you the option of editing for  noise reduction, however, when
I performed this, though it did take out the internal hissing microphone
noise, it left me with a bit of a watery sounding file much like happens
when there is too much compression.  can any of the sound experts on the
list give me any ideas why this may have happened?  And is there
anything i can do to fix it?  i can adjust the amount of noise it takes
out, will this help?
Jenny Axler

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