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Jenny, how far you can go depends on the sounds that you are recording.
For example, with Sound Forge and the extra noise reduction application,
I can cut noise by probably 30 to 40 DB or even more without noticing
any problems.  This assumes that the room you are in is very quiet.  It
also assumes that your breath sounds are not very loud because, for some
reason, breath seems to be something that is not compressed very easily.
However, Sound forge has a module already built in called a noise gate.
This works a bit differently than pure noise reduction software.  What
it does is take the sound out from between your words.  In other words,
the words you say have the same noise behind them, but the gaps between
the words are quiet.  It is those gaps where nothing much is going on
where we hear most of the noise anyway.  You can adjust the threshold of
the noise floor you want to remove.  As with all noise gates or noise
reduction programs, this has some limitations to.  But depending on your
surroundings, it does quite well at getting rid of perceived noise.
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on a good program, how far should i be able to go?  It does seem that
with this program, I get artifacts no matter how little i reduce.  this
program is free though, so this does not surprise me.  Does sound Forge
do this well?  I have considered purchasing it for a long time for other
reasons.  So far though, i have not done anything too complicated as far
as audio editing is concerned, so what I have has worked.  however, i
like the interface of Sound Forge, and always thought that is what I
would get if I ever decided to purchase anything.  

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