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Jenny, Thanks for the comments about the minidisk software.  On the
subject of noise reduction.  adjusting the amount of noise it takes out
may help a lot.  If you take out too much noise, even in the Sound Forge
Noise module, you get exactly what you talked about.  It also depends on
how well the noise reduction package you have works.  You may have to do
a bit of experimenting starting with taking out a little and seeing how
far you can go before you start hearing the unwanted artifacts.

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Hello all!  i am very happy to report, that after downloading the demo
for Window eyes, i have discovered that WE will in fact read some of the
information used in the sonic stage software.  Also, it does appear that
there are some keyboard shortcuts, that i could use even without having
the screen read.  I think I will be able to transfer entire groups of
things, with a bit of memorization, but don't know about individual
tracks.  really not sure the extent of what i will be able to do at this
time, but thought I would at least try to use sonic stage to play files
on the minidisc, and another internal recorder to record them to wave
form.  I have done this successfully, so know that this will at least be
an option as I do not have a line in and still have not gotten that USB
sound card figured out for sure.  
Now, I'd like to improve on the recordings.  I am using Wave Pad which
does give you the option of editing for  noise reduction, however, when
I performed this, though it did take out the internal hissing microphone
noise, it left me with a bit of a watery sounding file much like happens
when there is too much compression.  can any of the sound experts on the
list give me any ideas why this may have happened?  And is there
anything i can do to fix it?  i can adjust the amount of noise it takes
out, will this help?
Jenny Axler

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