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Turntables are always a pain. That sensor thing seems neat. I've heard all the horror stories of people who think they put something on for 4 minutes and hit 40 or 4 hours and fell asleep.

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Some things about the panasonic microwave. You do have a popcorn button.
Just press it and you get done pop corn. It has a sencer cook mode. You just
press sencer and the machine will warm your food up to almost the right
temperature. Some times if the food is dense you have to give it about 30
seconds extra but the mode has never over cooked food sense I have used it.
You have a one minute button right next to the start button. Press this
button once and you get a minute of cooking. press it twice and you get two
minutes and so on. You do have a pad for numbers but I don't use it much
sense I have that minute and the sencer buttons. This is a powerful
microwave and you do some times have to cut the power down when you are
cooking raw items or they will burn in a short time. I love it except for
installing that damn turntable. It really is a pain.
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It does not have to talk necessarily, and as I recall that one is not made
any longer. I just need something I can use without having to ask for help
all the time.

Rose Combs rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx

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Were you thinking about getting one of those talking microwaves, like the one demonstrated on Larry's podcast a while back?


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Subject: [bct] Microwave oven!

My 28-year-old microwave finally died yesterday. Any suggestions on one I can adapt easily? I had a huge Amana with dials. I just want suggestions on the best way I can use some of the newer ovens. I am not opposed to marking, just wonder which brands are worth looking at.

Rose Combs

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Subject: [bct] Ghosts calling other peopleRE: Re: Speeding up the JAWS

Yes, I did change the subject line of Rose's message. She was talking about
her computer calling people at random. It reminded me of something I read a
few years ago. In Florida, they were trying to build a lot of homes with
speech input which could control things like the thermostat, the microwave,
the answering machine, etc. One family had a real problem with this in that
there phone bill was much higher than it should have been. There were a lot
of calls to Grand Ma that no one had made. They called the company and they
came out and tried to figure out what was happening, but they went back
without solving the problem which kept occurring. Some time later, one of
the family members was at home and her dog wanted to go outside. It barked
twice, and just like that, the phone dialed Grand Ma. So folks, get a
talking answering machine and teach your dogs to dial the phone for you and
you will be all set. Well, perhaps not.


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