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Bill, the hiss you are referring to could indeed be caused by the
microphones as well as a number of other things.  But what I did in my
podcast was use the same mike in the minidisk that I used in the
MicroTrack and the MicroTrack was quite a bit more noisy.  My guess is
that the mikes you are using may be higher in output and thus you put a
higher sound level on the tape relative to the noise of the mikes.  what
mikes do you use?  In addition, your comment about crispness could be
related to the fact that that minidisks are compressed recordings rather
like MP3, but they are Sony's own sound compression scheme.  Of course,
the new high MD recorders can do wav files, but I was not using one of
those in the podcast.
The other thing is that I was using a very early version of the
MicroTrack.  I don't think they have changed their specs, but it is
possible I had a bad unit.  I'm probably going to have to get a
MicroTrack again when I do the Edirol r9 podcast just to compare the two
and it would be interesting to hear what you are using.  

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I own a Microtrack and I don't find a lot of hiss at all.  Neal,
couldn't that be determined by the microphones being used?  I have a
good friend who uses a Sony Manydisk and he gets some very nice
recordings, but my recordings with the Microtrack are crisper and more
natural sounding.  

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Hi Neal,
Your review / podcast on the microtrack was great.
I have a few questions though.
The hiss was much grater on the microtrack  than it was on the mini disk
That was a valuable comparison for us.
But, what would the difference be between the Olympus and the
Have you been able to test this?
Thanks so much
Great work

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