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Messagedoes the Olympus record in mp3 or wma?

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  Sam, the biggest differences are:

  1.  The MicroTrack can record wav files while the Olympus records MP3 files.

  2.  The MicroTrack has manual volume controls while the Olympus is bound by 
its limiter.

  3. The MicroTrack can take balanced inputs.

  4.  The MicroTrack can also record directly from a digital source as it can 
be configured to have a digital input.

  5.  The MicroTrack is not nearly as accessible, but it can definitely be 
used.  Just ask Larry, or does Jake operate the recorder on those walks home?


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    Hi Neal,

    Your review / podcast on the microtrack was great.
    I have a few questions though.

    The hiss was much grater on the microtrack  than it was on the mini disk 
    That was a valuable comparison for us.
    But, what would the difference be between the Olympus and the microtrack?
    Have you been able to test this?

    Thanks so much
    Great work

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