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Hi Bill and all,

I had a chat with an M-Audio representative at the Podcasting Expo. He seemed receptive. Time will tell I suppose.

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Hi Dan,

I agree that many, many podcasts do have a very bad and unpleasant audio
quality.  I also agree with Neal that speakers and mics are judged very
differently by different people.  Believe me, I would love to own one of
those $3000 mics--actually, two--if I could afford them.  I would love to
own that single point stereo mic that Johnny and Rob talk about a few days
ago too.  However, I am a pretty critical listener and have done quite a bit
of recording of live music and voice stuff and out in nature, and I've
managed to get some very nice recordings with mics that cost around $100.  I
must also say that it has been really great learning so much good stuff
about mics and recording from Neal and Jerry and Johnny and Rob and all of
the wonderfully knowledgeable folks who have been participating in Blind
Cool Tech.

I have been communicating with the M-Audio MicroTrack product manager and he
seems to have a good understanding of our need for better accessibility.  If
we all keep learning and teaching and working together, I think we can be an
effective force in bringing about much better awareness of access issues.

I want to add my thanks and appreciation to Larry and all of you
participants for enriching my life with friendship, fun, and information.

Bill Belew

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Bill, I guess that's why there are so many different microphones, what sounds great to one person does not quite meet another's standards.

I hear so many podcasts, even from broadcast and professional sources, that
are second rate and have noise in them that I am willing to invest time and
money to get the best I can put out.  The sound quality of my podcasts will
reflect directly on my competence and person, and in financial planning,
that is everything.  You may well be right that a $100 mike will do the job
with no trouble, I will do a lot of experimenting.


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