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Thanks Debee; I think you mean that by adjusting the volume on the radio for
example, I can get the balance I am looking for in the test?  


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I love total recorder and have used it forever.

Is it possible that you may not have a stereo mic input?

try using your line in and connect a stereo patchcord to any convenient
radio. The idea is that you can fool with the balance between the
synthesizer and the line in before you introduce the complexity of trying to
use a mic.

Of course your final recording isn't going to have a speech synthesizer and
a radio playing, but the idea is to simplify the problem in order to work on


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Quick question if it is a simple one; if the answer is too complex, I
understand, but trying to record using Total Recorder and the stereo mix is
just giving me a fit.  When I record using the mic alone, the sound is great
and the material recorded with the mic is clear and loud in terms of the
playback.  However, when I switch to stereo mix, so I can get the screen
reader in the mix as well, (the same as what you hear using a Sound
Blaster), the screen reader is loud but the material spoken into the mic is
so low I can hardly hear it.  Does any one know of a way to readjust the
balance using stereo mix so the mic audio is at least as loud as the screen
reader.  I am using the Sound Max which came on the Asus motherboard to
record.  Any ideas welcome.  If I have to, I will install another sound
card, but would like to get this one working if possible.  Just can't seem
to adjust the balance between the mic and wave out in the mix.


Don Barrett

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