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Hi Just go with the standard ones unless you are wanting to record very
quiet sounds or extremely loud ones. I got the standard ones and they
still pick up a good deal of quiet and loud sounds, as well as provide
crisp clear normal everyday sound pick up.

Also, the stereo separation is so realistic that if I record a person
talking that I'm walking past, or if they are sitting next to me
talking, when I play it back I have to stop the play back just to make
sure that they are not really there with me. Lol! One more thing! I got
the wind screens with mine, but I haven't needed them which is a good
thing cause I can't figure how to get them on hahhhahha!


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I'm about to  order a pair of those SP-tfb-2 microphones.  How much
difference is there between the low, standard and high sensitivity ones?
I think Larry said he has the low sensitivity ones.  On the Sound
Professional  site I found low, standard and high.  What did you get and
how do you like them?  I'm going to order them tomorrow morning.
Perhaps the WS-320M and the mikes will all arrive at the same time.
HAHA! Lois

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