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One of the problems with cardioid mikes is simply that.  They are very
hard to wind protect without a lessening of high frequency.  Shure
makes a wind screen that goes over microphones that are basically
cylinder shaped with know large pop screen on the end of the mike.  I
don't remember their diameter, but the nice thing is that they are not
a solid ball of foam.  The outside is foam and the inside is a much
more porous foam like substance which lets more air and sound pass
through it.  The end result is that you basically have a ball of
hollow foam which does not deaden the highs as much but is not quite
as protective as a solid ball of foam.

When I record with cardioids or figure 8 mikes, I always use a
zeppelin and perhaps one or two wind covers.


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Neal I have the AT853 pare Of audio technica Mics. They are very
sensative mics so they must be very quiet. I paid about $159 for the
pare. The problem is they are not good outdoor mics as they are so
sensative that if the wind blows the elements will flutter a bit. I
think they were built to record
classical music.      If the wind is not blowing I can record some
nature sounds with them. I can hear anmials moving through the leaves
and such with these mics.

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