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Hi Mary, and you're most welcome. I'd seen lower prices for the mic than the
$75 retail, but haven't done much toward buying one for myself yet. I have
two microphones, the Sony mic about which we're chatting, and the SP-TFB-2,
on my holiday list, so I figured I'd wait a bit before buying either to see
if someone gets 'em for me. I did buy the SP-CMC-19, as I wanted something
to play with to try out Neal's microphone placement suggestions, and those
have been a bit of a surprise. They are cartioid mics, and I bought them
with the clips attached. Out of the box, I was a bit disappointed in their
performance, as I found there to be a higher-than-expected level of noise
when I made test recordings, and I didn't find their sound to be as rich as
that of the Sony mic I wrote about earlier this evening. Also, I had a hard
time figuring out how to use them and clip them to something. I had a
sighted person help me to remove and re-attach the clips such that it is a
bit easier to clip them to something, and I recently had a pleasant
experience with them recording a meal out with my wife and a friend. The
background noise was much less of a problem when there was environmental
noise, and the mics performed very well recording all of the participants in
conversations. I found that clipping them to the bill of a hat worked very
well in terms of recording directionally, and I was able to play, and become
happy, with the amount of spread in the recordings as a direct result of
Neal's mic placement cast. And, for what its worth, I managed to here a real
example of pointing the mics in opposing directions mis-representing the
speed of objects in motion as Neal said would happen. All-in-all, a good
investment of money to learn some things. Sorry for the rambling reply, and
good luck with the Sony mic you ordered. The tone of the audio it records is
very pleasantly surprising.


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Amazon has a sale on the mic you mentioned, the Sony ESM-DS70P. Suggested 
price was almost $75 and I bought it for $48.90, not including shipping. I 
have a couple T-shaped mics but one has a cable which is awkward, and the 
other sounds funny. I look forward to using this new one. Thanks for posting

the info.


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