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Wow!  Sounds ntresting.  It is nice to knopw that something how could and
has been done.  I hope things continue to get better for the list.  


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Larry Gassman's summary of Chetan's messages is below.

First, thanks Larry for putting these together.  I will talk with the
other Larry and see if we want to continue on Chetan's list or go back
to freelists where we began.  So, please don't jump to any conclusions
at the moment.  I will also do a double check with yousendit to verify
the information in Chetan's message.  It doesn't hurt to be doubly
careful.  Please don't think I am telling you what to do.  You can stay
on whichever list you want to be on, but in that Larry is the originator
of this list, I believe it is up to him to decide which list is the
official list.  Either he or I will let you know and you can then decide
for yourself what you wish to do.

Here are Larry Gassman's messages.

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Subject: [bct] Woo hoo! Our Friend Has Been Caught!

                                The following is from: "Chetan Bakhru"
<DrunkenMonkey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> I've combined several posts to make
this message. Larry Gassman Hi all,

Well, good news... I did it! I just received a phone call from the ISP
of our friend who has been attacking us... he's been put behind bars and
his cable internet service has been shut off! I want to thank all of you
for putting up with all of the problems we've been having and staying
with us this past month. I also want to thank Neal and Larry for all the
hard work they've been doing for Blind Cool Tech; I find this list to be
a helpful resource and I love all the podcasts. Hopefully the list will
operate normally now without any problems. While this guy has been
caught, it doesn't mean he doesn't have friends who could do the same
thing... but let's not go there right now. The server seems to be
functioning normally now. If y'all still have trouble with messages
getting through please let me know.

Someone asked how he was caught:

Well, he attempted to destroy peoples' computers with the Audio Magic
virus; that was one of the crimes. I spoke to yousendit.com several
times and they were able to trace the file back to his cable line (the
guy told me they could even trace it back to a dial-up line and they
said that this was very common). They also found traces of him sending
messages through their servers (his ISP's I mean) to disrupt other web
sites and mailing lists. I also informed them about the spoofing of
e-mail addresses. I don't want to reveal to much info here, but I'll say
that the guy is from China and is 28 years old. Yousendit.com also kept
an indefinite log of the files this guy uploaded to them. They told me
they wanted me to keep them posted on how this situation develops, so if
you guys see any weird stuff in the future then let them know.


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