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Maria steve is in durham north carolina and doing well. I think his wife
died about ten years ago or so. I didn't know you new them. Steve is still
an active ACB member and loves technology. I don't have much discussion with
him but I liked him and his wife.
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Hi Pam,
Thank you so much for your kind remarks about the podcast.  We absolutely
are thinking of doing a Memory Lane 2 at some point.  what a surprise to
hear that you also sort of knew Dotty and Steve.  We miss Dotty all the
time.  The last we heard, Steve is living in North Carolina, but we haven't
heard from him in a long time.  Thanks again for being a faithful listener,
and we look forward to any podcasts you might post in the future.  Good luck
with the chili and rice, it's pretty easy, which is why I love to make it.

Lynnette and Maria

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Hi Lynnette and Maria,

Just finished listening to your memory lane podcast and found it very
enjoyable and amusing. You had me laughing out loud, especially
thinking about Lynnette flopping down on the floor with her spaghetti,
and the two of you singing away until you fell in the hole. It's so
neat that things have worked out the way they have for the two of you.

You were talking about Doddy and Steve Cosselle. I remember them from
the Newsreel magazine, what a nice couple they were and how shocking
it was when Doddy died after having a knee replacement. Who would ever
imagine that would happen?

Thanks for sharing and that would be fun to hear a Memory Lane part
two sometime.

And I do believe I'll try that chili and rice from Maria's cooking
cast too. Sounds like something my kids might even like.


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