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I did a simple search from the IE6 address bar - (precede the search string 
with question mark {?})
? "sty home remedy"

Many sources were produced, but if you want to really baby yourself with a 
treatment for a sty, use:  
  NOTE: My pop-up blocker did spring into action when I visited this site, but 
the information there was reputed to be from an M.D.  

  Mike Justice, 
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  Hi Maria and all. I seem to recall my mom doing the exact same thing with me 
a long time ago.
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    Hello all,

    Yesterday I awoke with a nasty sticking pain in my eye.  I knew something 
was amiss, but didn't give too much thought to it.  When I arrived at my voice 
lesson, my teacher and the music school director told me they thought I had a 
sty in my eye.  So here's the question.  

    I've been told that a good home remedy is to place a warm tea bag over the 
affected eye for an unspecified amount of time, and the tannic acid will help 
draw out the pus or whatever is in there.  

    What does anyone think?


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