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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 17:37:17 -0500

Absolutely, the remote makes everything speak just as if you were using the 
keyboard.  I know you can record with the remote, but I have always used the 
wireless keyboard for that.

It is kind of interesting, when you enter a channel on the remote, your screen 
reader announces those numbers as well.
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  hi Larry,

  I was hoping you could answer a quick question for me.  I really enjoyed your 
podcast on the media Center and really want a machine like that.  My quick 
question is, I was wondering when using the remote if narrator spoke the 
choices as you arrowed through them?  For example,  when you were in the media 
screen where it listed my TV, my pictures, my music, and thing slike that does 
narrator speak the choices as you arrow up and down through them while using 
the remote?  I suppose the first question should be can you arrow up and down 
through the choices with your remote?  also, can you record shows or choose to 
record a whole series using the remote or is the keyboard the best way to do 

  thanks for all your help,


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