[bct] Re: May Jesus Forgive You Before You See God at the Judgement!

  • From: "Sam Bushman" <sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 13:22:25 +1200

May JESUS forgive you!

1.  How could Jesus forgive me? If he lived at all, he died almost 2,000 years 

2. What on Earth could I have done that needs forgiveness? especially the 
forgiveness of somebody I don't even know?

I mean, even when I make a mistake that inadvertently harms a human, I don't go 
groveling for that person's forgiveness! How self-indulgent! Instead, I
do what I can to correct the situation, to change my behavior, to make up for 
losses, and to compensate for any indignity.

What kind of morality is this that you want me to worry about what another 
person thinks of me in the way of my actually caring whether or not that person
forgives me!?

What the HELL kind of morality is that?

That's not morality, but pure self-indulgence, a false sense of self-importance.

Just by promoting atheism like a Baptist preacher promotes his Baptist faith 
you're a hypocrite yourself!

1.  How and where are we promoting atheism "like a Baptist preacher promotes 
his Baptist faith"? Please explain, and then demonstrate the truthfulness of
your claim, showing the URL of the portion you're talking about. While you're 
at it, explain how it is that a Baptist minister promoting his Baptist faith
makes him a hypocrite?

You know what? You can't do it! And you know why? 'Cause you just lied bout me, 
that's why! Nobody can demonstrate the "truthfulness" of a lie! 

The difference between the Baptist preacher and myself is that he promotes his 
Baptist faith by trying to convince non-Baptists to become Baptists (or at
least Christians). I don't even care if somebody becomes an atheist. On the 
contrary, we state right there in our FAQ that we don't give a rat what people
do or do not believe!

Oh, yeah! That's right! You shot this letter off without reading a single word 
of what we've said!

I rejoice in the fact that I gave my faith in the Christian religion The Ol' 
Heave-Ho a long time ago. Christianity prevented me from knowing who I am and
becoming that person in the fullest sense. The Real Me is not dishonest, like 
you had to be in order to "make disciples" for your religious sect.

Because I am no longer dishonest in the "make disciples" sense, I needn't risk 
putting myself through the embarrassing situation that you just put yourself
through here.

2.  Hypocrite? How am I a hypocrite? Please explain!

What morals have I urged others to follow, that I've failed to carry out in my 
own life?

3.  Finally, even if what you said had been true (it isn't), how could I be a 
hypocrite if I'm not someone who goes around telling others how to run their
lives (like you do)?

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Seven-and-two-thirds years of service to
 people with no reason to believe

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