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Hope, go ahead and put some of your music up on the podcast. We'd love to
hear it. I've played piano for about 30 years and am trying to decide what I
want to post as well.


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Hi Mary.
Sure, I would love to sedn you some of my stuff.  And I'd love to hear more
of yours.  I have some Christmas arangements as well, though none of the
Christmas songs are original.  I've tried to write something catchy, but it
just isn't coming, or the creative flow just isn't letting me go in that
direction for now.
My e-mail address is
The mp3s though, I hope are decent quality.  If the audio is a little softer
than normal I apologize for that, unfortunately it was how it was recorded.
Thanks again.
Ps.  I too love Dan Fogelberg, his voice is so rich, and at the same time,
can be sad, questioning, and loving ... Oh no, I'm going on a tangent this
list really doesn't probably need to hear about.  <sheepish grin>  Sorry

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I can send you some stuff privately if you want. In fact, I just spent two
days going through all the tapes of my group and finally after years of
putting it off, got everything onto audio CD, so will put them in MP3 files
soon. I had old MP3 files but they were created in the old days of DOS using
an old sound blaster sound card, so hopefully the new ones will be a bit
better quality although I suppose I could have turned the volume up a bit
more, but didn't want to risk having it too high. The song on the last
submission wasn't very good quality and I do appologize for that.
Anyway, Hope if you can provide your e-mail address I will be glad to send
you some stuff. I'm at
I'd love to hear some of yours too or you can send it to the list if Larry
wants more music. I'd like to put some Christmas music up as the holidays
approach. The ones I've got are only a minute or so but are recorded
reasonably well.
I just don't want to clutter up the BCT podcast with stuff if it's not
from Mary


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