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  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 12:08:01 +1100

Thanks Darrell. Thats essentially how I've done certifcation in the
past. I too have found the extra time was not needed. It was quite
funny last year when I did ITIL certification. Everyone in my
directorate had to do the training and quite a few were concerned I
wouldn't benefit from the course or succeed at the exam. They even
considered not including me in the training and exam. 

In the end, out of the 70 people who did the training and sat the
exam, I tied with one other having the highest score. 


Darrell Shandrow writes:
 > Hi Tim,
 > I took my exams through Prometric.  As an ADA accomodation, they provide a 
 > reader/writer person and provide extra time.  I've availed myself of this 
 > accomodation, but did not end up needing any of the extra time.  It worked 
 > out pretty well.  The CCNA has been most difficult thus far, but even that 
 > worked out well enough.  Just study up, contact your Prometric and get set 
 > up at one of their centers near you.
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 > > Hi Darrell,
 > >
 > > while on the topic of accessibility, I notice you have a number of IT
 > > related industry certifications. I have looked at doing some myself
 > > and have often been put off by the fact the exams are done via a
 > > web interface which, from the ones I've looked at, are not terribly
 > > accessible in their layout.  I was just wondering how you dealt with
 > > this sort of problem when sitting the exams. I'm particularly
 > > interested in doing some Cisco certification and was wondering what
 > > your experiences have been like?
 > >
 > > Tim
 > >
 > > 

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