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Lois, as for the difference in mikes between titanium and gold, you've
got it.  As for the unwanted sounds often heard when cars pass your
house and you are in the back room, you've also got it.  Not very
nice.  I was sitting on my front porch last summer when a guy rode by
on his bicycle.  My house is probably 30 feet from the street and I
could still hear the music he was listening to on his headphones.  I
hope he is ready to learn sign language.


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I thought I heard an L in that phrase.  I  considered "Now I've seen
it all" but gave it up.  Oh well... Fun game though.  Regarding mics
and metals,  thans to you and dan for the enlightenment.  I would
guess there's titanium in the speakers for those infernal boomboxes
some have in their vehicles and think the whole world should listen to
what the owners are hearing.  Sounds like titanium can be made into
sheets comparatively as thin as gold, but can withstand much greater
SPL's.  Interesting. Thanks again. Lois

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