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Lois, the answer to the Mad Gab question is "Now I've seen it all."

As for your questions about gold and titanium.  I'm not an expert
here, but I do know that some of the very ultra expensive test
microphones do use a titanium diaphragm.  These mikes are those
reserved for the testing of things like air craft engines, earth
quakes, etc.  We're talking big bucks here.  So, I'm not too worried
about how they compare with other microphone elements because they are
well out of most people's price range.  However, I'd be glad to hear
from someone who knows more than I do about this subject.  Dan, rob,
where are you?


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I've spent some more time with Neal Ewers's microphone placement cast.
I like it.  It's great with headphones.  Regarding the game his family
was playing, Mad Gab.  I can't know for sure exactly how the phrase
was spelled.  my guess  would be something like, "na, Lew.  I've seen
it all." Looking forward to the next installment, Neal. By the way,
how does a microphone's construction material effect its quality? I've
heard things about titanium and gold contributing to quality  in
headphones and the like. I'm thinking it somehow concerns the
conductivity of these metals and other properties to do with
electromagnetism.  Please enlighten us.  Thank you. Lois

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