[bct] Re: MP3 sound files are now working

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  • Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:21:22 -0500

Hi I love the nature page! I've been thinking about doing some nature 
recordings myself now that I have these sptfb2's and the ws200s! That would be 

Darren Duff.

Darren Duff

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.Well, they are working reasonably well.  I remember now why we took the
.link to them off the page.  Some nit wit was going to our page and
.setting up a down load loop which he used all night to help him sleep.
.He down loaded them thousands of times a night.  I guess some people
.will go to a lot of trouble to keep from buying something.  They are now
.back up with two caveats.
.1.  The quality is OK, but we may make that better.  We were aiming at a
.market who had modems.  It's still a lot better than the quality of the
.2.  At this point, the files are simply numbered on the MP3 page 01, 02,
.03, etc.  It would be helpful if I included the names of the files so
.you could link them back to the list in the library, but for a while,
.you may just have the numbers.  I'll try to get this changed in the near
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