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Sorry about my following opinion but I just can't help myself.

I wish that more blind people would take the same stance against RFB&D and the 
practices that they have with their books that practically force a person to 
purchase a player directly from them or pay a penalty /charge for getting a 
player licensed to use their books.  Maybe if more blind people and 
organizations refused to go along with this practice they would have to change 
their policy.  There are certainly other ways that books could be protected 
than the approach that they have taken, but it has certainly brought them in a 
lot more money while forcing other dealors who would sell Daisy players out of 
the business because of their policy.

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: While I realize that audible.com has proprietary books, one can,
: however,  convert them to CD.  I know, this is an extra step, but it is
: very legal because they make it possible in their software.  I wanted to
: get a book player for my wife, but she would rather listen to them on
: CD.  So, I simply make CDs for her of the books she wants to read.
: What's nice is that the CDs are sectioned into 10 or 15 minute sections
: so that if you need to find your place, it's relatively easy to do.  Of
: course, it's not as easy as the book port, but $400 for a second book
: port, as much as I like it, was a bit too much to spend.  And if you use
: re-recordable CDs, you don't have to fork out extra money for more and
: more CDs.  Of course, re-recordable cds take longer to burn, but so far,
: it seems to work OK.
: Neal
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: Rick,
: I opted not to sign up with Audible also because I don't want to deal
: with proprietary formats. I wish audiobooks.com had more MP3 books; the
: few I got are quite good; you buy them and then get a pointer to their
: download area. I haven't seen them expand very much though. Maybe if
: they started a subscription service, they could grow a bit more. And
: here I speak when i've got talking books waiting to be listened to.
: Mary

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