[bct] Re: Lynnette's podcast on the sense of smell

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 19:49:42 -0500

Hi Joni,
Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast. It's a sense we definitely don't talk about too often, but once you do... Well, after I did the podcast, I thought of all kinds of things I could have said. Thank heavens, I didn't. <grin>

Skunks? Hmmm. You know, they tell me I've smelled them but I really didn't think they were all that horrible. Of course, my sinuses can not be trusted at times. This might be seen as a blessing. <grin>

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I love soaps and cleaning solutions with a lemon scent Mary. I will have to
check out Tom's of Maine to see what their soap is like.

My favorite floral scents are peony and hyacinth. I don't like perfumes or
colognes much. I like hand lotions and soaps with a pleasant fresh scent.

We won't even get started with the food scents I like other than to say
cinnamon in baked goods is probably my favorite.  I love to smell fudge
being made also.

Lynnette I also like the smell of rain falling on the earth.  Buses are
quite an olfactory experience, although those particular experiences are
rarely pleasant memories I must say.  Smile!

Here is a strange olfactory preference. My husband, who grew up in rural
Pennsylvania, sincerely likes the scent of a skunk. He thinks it smells
like a nice country smell. I had never smelled a skunk until we moved to
this condo. We have had problems in this development with skunks burrowing
in under people's front steps. I have to say that, from a distance anyway,
I have smelled many things that smelled much worse than the skunks I have
smelled around here.

As far as chitterlings are concerned, I have never smelled them, nor do I
ever intend to!  Just the thought of it makes me lose my appetite.

If you do get to take any botanical tours of central Park I hope you will
share the experience with us in a podcast.  I think that would be quite a
lot of fun.


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