[bct] Lynnette's podcast on the sense of smell

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  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 12:34:34 -0800

Hi Lynnette,

Great podcast; so interesting to find out more about where people live and 
their likes and dislikes. When I go for my morning walk in early spring, there 
is often a scent of wisteria, which I honestly don't like; but, to balance it 
out, there is also a scent of something that smells a bit like incense; it must 
be a plant of some type but I don't know what it is. It's kind of magical to 
smell that on an early spring morning. Depending on where you walk, there are 
different scents; we have lots of big trees here, and near the pool there are 
flowers that smell like Devon violets. In summer, the smell of garlic and 
onions comes floating up from Gilroy, which is about an hour away from here; it 
amazes me how that scent can travel through all the traffic and pollution and 
arrive here.

Year round, as I walk past the gas station at the corner, the doughnut shop's 
wonderful smell of fresh doughnuts comes floating out; in winter, it can make 
you feel comforted and warmed; in summer, it makes you want to slow down and 
take your time, even if you're in a hurry. On summer afternoons, the smell of 
sweet and sour sauce comes floating across the street from the Chinese 

I am a big fan of essential oils, so I don't buy much cologne or perfume and 
therefore don't know much about all those French names or exotic sounding 
scents; I have a collection of scents that I bought from Wessian Distributing 
quite a long time ago, and the scents are still quite fresh and vital, although 
one or two had to be tossed out. These are very good imitations of essential 
oils, and you use just a tiny dab and it lasts all day, so if you put it on, 
you have to like it quite well because you're stuck with it for a long time. 
Watkins has some scent combinations that I bought and used up rather quickly; 
they were special blends of spices with flowers, spices with citrus; I don't 
recall now what they were.

Tom's of Maine has some nice blends; their hand soap has a vivid scent of 
lemon; one of their deodorants, wood spice, my favorite of the ones they offer, 
has lemon grass and sage;  the other scented one is rose, but it seems a bit 
artificial and not as strong as rose could be. 


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