[bct] Lynne's Walk up Lexington Avenue

  • From: "Eric StevenS" <sseric57@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 13:41:35 -0400

Lynne, I am guessing you were walking on the left side of the street up Lex. 
I say that because I didn't hear you run into the barriers in front of the 
Cuban embassy at 38th (not a real embassy, since we don't recognize them, so 
I guess it's technically an Interest).

They have those portable metal fences they use for crowd control alongside 
the building.  The story goes in the 90's they had so many protesters all 
the time that, instead of bringing in those and taking them away, they just 
pushed them against the building and left them there.  So, they have feet 
that stick out a foot or so into the walkway and it's nearly impossible to 
walk that narrow path without tripping over them.

That's what amazed me about Manhattan was how many people there are and how 
narrow the walks are with all the usual stuff along city streets, like lamp 
posts and signs, hydrants, etc., but then there are steps that extend onto 
the sidewalk, tables and chairs, flower boxes, things put out by businesses 
for sale and one place I know of they even have a little bar where you take 
your coffee to add sugar/cream, right there on the sidewalk.  Oh. not to 
mention all the people standing outside to smoke their cigarettes, since 
they can't in restaurants, bars, and offices.

But, those are just the prices you pay for having everything so accessible 
and all the choices.  If not for having kids, I could probably still be 
living right in the middle of such a place.

Thanks for taking us on your walk.

Eric SS

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