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There was an interesting program on the Science Channel on satellite
TV about 6 months ago.  The prime minister, a very wonderful sounding
woman, took a reporter on a trip through many parts of the country.
They climbed mountains, went down into very deep, dark caverns and
some of their conversation dealt with the making of Lord of the Rings.
Evidently, it's full of places that are either quite grand in their
appearance or quite stark with rocky cliffs, deep gorges, etc.
Although I couldn't see it, it did give me a feel for the place I have
always wanted to visit.


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Hi Mary:
For me, it depends on your vision of what you think middle Earth looks
I have no idea, except for the descriptions given me by Rejenia, what 
exactly the scenery in New Zealand adds to the movies but, I do have
sort of 
a sound picture of what I think middle Earth would sound like if I
there and Peter Jackson pretty much hit it on the nail head.

Dana Paul Niswonger
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> Good morning all,
> My friend who is a huge Lord of the Rings fan said that New Zealand 
> was
> the perfect place to film the movies because he said it looked
exactly as 
> he imagined Middle Earth would look. I wonder what's so unique about
> geography there that would appeal to a Tolkien fan. Is it that it's
> enough to have all types of geography, or is it the overall size 
> itself--not real small and not real huge? Maybe it's a sighted thing
> only sighted people can explain, or not explain.
> Mary

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