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Hi Paula and thanks a lot!
Rejenia and I have the trivia game and lots of the action figures on our book shelves. Although I read the books in high school, Rejenia had never heard of them until the movie came out. I sure love it when someone from our list shares the sounds from around there country.

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Hi Everyone

I'll see what I can find out for you all down here in New Zealand about Lord of the Rings. I'm afraid I never got into it myself. I read The Hobbit in Braille years ago but didn't really seem to click with it. I do know a local Guide Dog called Hobbit but that's my closest association. Of course we heard a lot about it when the movie was being made, but as I'm not a fan I didn't take too much notice. It's based in Wellington and that's not where I live but we're visiting there after Christmas so I'll see if I can get any relevant recordings for you all when we go.


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