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I've never seen nor read "Lord of the Rings," but I heard once that the
soundtrack includes Enya. Enya is one of my favorite singers. Her music is
so relaxing.
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I love the Lord of the Rings and can't wait till the Hobbit comes out. I
have the books from Web Braille and find that I got lost and a bit
confused in the third film because they skipped around a lot, and moved
stuff around between the second and third books and the second and third
films, but if you listen to the extra DVD's you find they had a logical
reason for doing that. These dozens of people, hundreds in fact, spent
years of their lives devoted to making these films and it was just
incredible! Seven years I think was how long it took. Well anyway if you
can afford it, the special edition is well worth it with all those extras.


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