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Mary, I didn't like Livingston Gilbert either, he is who reads the three Lord of the rings books. Bob Asskey is who now has reread the Hobbit in the new era of renarration going on at NLS. Personally, I think most of the choices for new narration suck. While I like Mitsy Freedlander for reading a Jack and Jill magazine for me, I do not think she can in any way compare with House Jameson's reading of Gone With the Wind.

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I was in high school when I got the talking book of Alan Haines reading The Hobbit, but I have to admit I didn't get far with it; just too much homework, I guess. The first time I really got into it was when I got a version of the trilogy from Recording for the Blind; I did try to read the third book, then the second, as NLS sent them to me, but they were on those horrible flexible disks and I didn't much care for the narrator; and I hadn't read the first book of the trilogy yet so wasn't familiar with a lot of it.


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