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O K, guys, Life Way Christian Store and don't ask me why.

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Shane, I do have the BBC version and you're right, it is fantastic. As I now recall, I got mine as a gift and I am not sure where it was purchased. If it is available on Amazon, that may be about as good as you can get, but I'll check tonight to make sure I don't have some additional information.


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Howdy, Neal. Are you speaking of the BBC version? I think that is about thirteen CD's, and it's absolutely fantastic. Mind's Eye did a version, and it wasn't quite as good as the BBC set, at least in my opinion, but still, some people might like that one better. Any information you can provide about getting the BBC version would be appreciated. I know you can get it on Amazon, but I wonder if you might find it a bit cheaper. Probably not, but it's sure worth a try!

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