[bct] Re: Loopy about loops

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Greetings Dan.

Yes, the water in the background was in fact looped... I figured it'd be
appropriate in a presentation all about loops.
I'm just using a simple 100 dollar Altec Lansing SRS headset. I'm not
really satisfied with the cheap microphone they built into the device,
though, so I'll probably be hunting for one soon.
I'm a cheapy when it comes to these areas. Since I only tinker around, I
don't really wanna shell out a lot of cash for a high-end microphone.


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Kai, that was a first class recording and explanation for the use of 
loops.  What microphone were you using?  The water sound in the
that was a loop, I assume?

Does Sound Forge permit you to tie these loops seamlessly together

Dan, who is thinking recording may be a very fun avocation 

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