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Stephen, I have heard of them and have heard good things.  They are also
quite inexpensive.  I have not had the opportunity to hear one.  Would
you be able to record something, at your convenience, and upload it to
my web site?  I'm trying to round up as many sounds of inexpensive
microphones to help people make some choices about what is available.
It would be nice to create a file of all of them for a podcast and let
people hear them.  As no one of us can own all of them, we may need each
other's help for this.

thanks for reminding me of these.

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Hello Neal,

     I'm curious to learn your opinion of the inexpensive GXL
microphones from Cad. I have one and really like it, but not many audio
professionals seem to even be aware of Cad's existence.

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Hi, here is a link to hear some quite nice dynamic, not very expensive
microphones from Heile.





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