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And here is where is where my frustration comes in.  What does this have to do 
with anything.  And how many of these messages do I have to read every day.  

I guess if I were setting at home, not working, with little else to do but read 
and respond to email I wouldn't care.  But, I really don't have time for tons 
of these kinds of messages after working all day, and attempting to keep up 
with what is going on in the technology field that effects how I do my job, and 
what I recommend for other blind customers of our agency.

Maybe it's time to go back to listening to the podcasts and for get the 

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: But Mary, how can one lose what one has never had in the first place.  They 
: say I've lost my mind, but I'll be dipped in chocolate syrup if I know 
: where it is...
: Dan 

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