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  • Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 23:20:37 -0500

Right on, Jamie.  I have to say that the only frustration I sometimes feel is 
when I have to do something else before getting to hear from all my new pals on 
the BCT list.  I even read some of the mail I don't quite understand in the 
knowledge that it will seep into a compartment in my brain for future use.


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  There was some discussion on the list over the past several days about 
whether all of the nontechnical discussions on a list named Blind Cool Tech 
were appropriate. No one has ever jumped down anyone's throat on this list. I 
was refering to some other lists I have been on in the past, and mine was not 
the first reference to these lists over the past several days. As for the list 
remaining as is, that is up to our intrepid leader, Jake. Er ... excuse me. I 
guess that would be Larry. <smile> I'm sure Larry has been absorbing all of our 
comments for the past few days, and he will certainly let us know if anything 
on this list is about to change. I, for one, think this list serves a real 

  Take care.

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  Hi Jamie,

  I may have missed something because I have been awfully busy the past few 
days and have simply deleted most of the posts unread (I'd have never caught up 
after three days of consistent absence), but I have never had anyone jump down 
my throat for being social during my admittedly brief time here.  My dear 
husband is the podcaster, not me, but I do enjoy some of the conversations here 
and have always been well treated.  As I said, unless I missed something 
(possible, I suppose) I thought that the list was going to stay as is.  If not, 
I guess I will hear it from Dan.  I was going to help him with the aura 
podcast, but as so often happens, law school ran away with me and I have not 
even had time to listen to it let be a participant in it.  Oh, well...

  Slithy - in one of her I must have been insane to do this moments regarding 
going to law school  (aiieee)

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