[bct] List manners and frustration

  • From: "randy black" <black@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 21:47:01 -0600

Let's all remember these problems aren't new. BCT isn't the first list
to become a victim of its own success so to speak. People come on this
list over time. Many of the questions new folks have are the same ones
you had when you were new. A new person who finds out about this list in
6 months will come here and for example, 1 of the first questions they
might have is how do I convert a wma file to mp3? Faqs and commonly
asked questions will help to some extent but new folks will ask these
questions because that's where their knowledge is.
Sure, that can be frustrating to those who have answered that question
10 times before.
If you are in that mode, don't answer those questions for a while.
Delete them. If this community is as good as I and others think it is.
Someone else will more than willingly help out.
The only other solution you have that I see is to run a moderated list.
I doubt many would like to go that route.
One thing we can all try to help out though is to keep our subject lines
I've made the choice for now for example not to read messages discussing
the JFW and Window eyes pod cast. There might be good information I'm
missing but many of the messages discussing the topic have gone way off
in other directions. These are just my thoughts. I hope they are useful.
Randy Black

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